What is a Healthy Senior Living Community?
The Orchard Healthy Living Community is an environment that is built around dignity, respect, trust and communication. Transforming from the traditional nursing home environment to a healthy living community means maintaining a focus on the quality of care and adding an equal emphasis on quality of life.

When you hear the words “nursing home,” you probably don’t envision the most pleasant setting. But at The Orchard, that image couldn’t be further from reality. Our community is our residents’ home, in every sense of the word. We have completely transformed what long-term care looks like, in the best way.

Person-centered Care
Our approach to long-term care has shifted focus to the preferences and needs of residents. Rather than rigid schedules and one-size-fits-all planning, our residents, family members and our team provide input on how our senior living community operates.

Residents choose when to go to sleep, wake, bathe, eat and participate in programs. In addition to providing hands-on care, the staff is cross-trained in housekeeping and food preparation - areas where they are also committed to supporting resident preferences. The opportunity for residents and staff to interact on more levels, and for staff to spend more time with each individual, has provided benefits and increased satisfaction for both groups.

Healthy Senior Living Community

A New Approach and a New Look
We’ve changed more than our schedules at The Orchard. Even the physical environment has changed to accommodate resident preferences and to further enhance our commitment to privacy and dignity.

  • Common areas are our family and living rooms, not a nurses' station.
  • No more trays and assembly lines; meals are prepared on-site and served family-style in a welcoming dining room or on the sunny patio.
  • Residents enjoy private bedrooms and baths.
  • Common areas are designed for smaller groups of people.
  • There is an emphasis on the restorative power of the outdoors with lots of natural light, manicured walking paths and lush courtyards.

As a result, this familiar sense of home contributes to residents feeling like they are part of a community instead of patients in an institution.

To learn more about our healthy living lifestyle, call us at 804-313-2400 or contact us.