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What You Should Know For Month One

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Food: Eating in a healthier way includes choosing a variety of foods from the recommended food groups and drinking at least six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. But you don't really need to "eat for two" since you need only an extra 300 calories per day during pregnancy. And don't worry if your food intake drops a little in the beginning because of morning sickness. If you've been eating right already, your baby will get what she or he needs. (See your Healthy Mom & Baby book for more healthy eating tips, a list of foods to add to your diet plus a list of foods to avoid.)

Safety: When used properly, seat belts save lives and lower the chances of severe injury during car crashes. And that applies equally if not even a bit more when you're pregnant. As your pregnancy progresses, keep in mind these tips for a safe and comfortable fit.

  • Buckle the lap strap under your belly and over your hips.
  • Never place the lap belt across your belly.
  • Rest the shoulder belt between your breasts and off to the side of your belly.
  • Never place the shoulder belt under your arm.
  • If possible, adjust the shoulder belt height to fit you correctly.