If you need additional care after an accident, hospital stay or during an illness, Riverside Home Health Care Services can help you to recuperate at home.

Home care services span many individual patient needs. You may need care visits a few times a week or you may feel more comfortable having someone stay with you several hours a day or overnight. Our goal is to respect your desire for independence while helping you to recuperate safely in your own home.

Your physician may refer you to Riverside Home Care if:

  • Your ability to perform common daily activities is compromised by your condition or surgery
  • During recovery, your mobility is greatly reduced and presents a comfort or safety issue
  • You live alone or do not live with someone who can help care for you
  • Returning for further treatment or therapy would be too taxing for you
  • You would benefit from a home exercise program after surgery or injury

Our services

Depending on your health and whether you have someone who can stay with you that is able to provide assistance, your doctor may recommend one of several home care services.

Skilled Nursing

A skilled nurse will visit you at a predetermined time and perform the following care services:

  • Monitor your condition
  • Provide treatment
  • Educate you and your family on continued self-care
  • Report to your physician about your condition and progress
  • Educate you on how to manage daily tasks without re-injury

Home Health Aides

A skilled health aide may come to your home and provide companionship and assistance such as:

  • Visiting you for several hours a day to help with personal tasks
  • Providing support and education you need for continued self-care
  • Staying with you overnight in the days following surgery

Physical Therapy

If you've had an injury, joint surgery or have severe arthritis, you may benefit from in-home physical therapy. Physical therapy is often prescribed following hip or knee replacement surgery. A therapist will come to your home and provide assistance with:

  • Range of motion, flexibility and surrounding muscle strength exercises
  • Demonstrations of how to move and exercise without injuring your new joint
  • Education in how to exercise on your own in between sessions

Getting started

Talk to your physician. Ask your primary care doctor or specialist if you are a good candidate for home health care. A physician referral is required. Call our intake office: 757-594-5600 or 888-594-5600. Our staff will:

  • assess home service needs
  • assist with insurance or Medicare eligibility verification
  • answer any questions or concerns
  • follow up in helping secure appropriate referrals from your doctor


Health insurance and Medicare coverage benefits can be a maze of confusing information. Riverside Home Health offers insurance verification services. Call the Central Intake office at 757-594-5600 and our staff will help assess your insurance coverage giving you peace of mind about the financial aspects of home health coverage.

In general, Medicare covers home health care services provided you meet certain qualifications. Most insurance companies follow Medicare guidelines, but may not require a homebound status. Some general requirements for insured home care are:

  • You must be referred by your doctor or surgeon
  • Your service requested must be reasonable and medically necessary
  • You must need intermittent skilled services such as skilled nursing or physical therapy
  • Care is provided in your place of residence
  • You are homebound or unable to leave the house without considerable and taxing effort (generally required by Medicare and Tricare only)

Please understand that not all patients qualify for home care. If you do not qualify, we will work with you to find help through other community resources.


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