On Water and On Land, Scott Vail is Back on a Sound Footing

For many people in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula region of Virginia, life has a way of naturally gravitating toward the water. It's especially true for Scott Vail who in addition to his passion for the local rivers and the Bay, is also a professional yacht broker in Irvington on Carters Creek, just off the Rappahannock River.

Working around the boatyard and pier or being on the water requires what Scott calls a "sound footing" and after developing radiating pain and reduced mobility in his hip, that particular attribute was definitely lacking.

Scott had difficulty walking without assistance and as he described it, "The pain and difficulty getting around affected my life and my work. It also affected my whole outlook on things."

After researching orthopedic surgeons in the area who specialize in joint replacement, minimally invasive procedures and sports medicine, Scott came to Tyler Wind, M.D., a fellowship-trained physician who grew up in Tappahannock and returned to practice surgery.

"I could see that his specialized training and his commitment to helping people get back to the activities they enjoy, everything from sports to sailing to gardening, whatever it is, was very compatible with my hopes and expectations. He also had what I would consider to be some pretty stellar references."

The decision to have Dr. Wind do his the total hip replacement also led Scott to Riverside Tappahannock Hospital where Dr. Wind performs surgery. Along with the results of the procedure itself, Scott was pleased with the surgical team and the "superb treatment" he received.

The only surprise was a pleasant one and centered on the ability to get back to his work and life even faster than expected.

"I basically had a three day recovery. It was so quick, and that's what astounded me." Essentially, I was in the hospital for two nights and on the third day I was able to walk to work. The surgery was at the end of last year and I've already been doing everything I normally did with the big difference that I don't have any pain."

So now, whether it's on the deck of a trawler or cruising sailboat or getting in a good walk on dry land, Scott is definitely back on sound footing.

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