Cancer Care
Previvor series is back @ 6 pm!

Oct. 27th: Colon Cancer - A Preventable Killer

With Colon Cancer being a hot-spot given the high-diagnosis rate in our region, this discussion dives deeper into this deadly, but preventable cancer. This Previvor lecture is unique with two physician speakers.  Dr. Mark Titus, a gastroenterologist, specializing in the digestive system, provides information on screenings and new technologies for colon cancer, alongside Dr. Brian Billings, a board-certified colorectal surgeon, who discusses the genetics behind and treatments for colon cancer. 

Every event will have refreshments, health information and answers to your questions from doctors and survivors.

Riverside Cancer Care Center @ 6 pm
On the campus of Riverside Regional Medical Center
12100 Warwick Blvd.
Newport News, VA 23601

OR if you can't make it in person, watch live on our Facebook page @ 6 pm!

Past Events
Genetics Behind Breast Cancer - Watch Missed Event on Facebook!
A warm thank you to those who attended the September 29th event given by Deena Wahba, genetic counselor and Dr. John Donohue, surgical oncologist. Deena shared unique information about the genetic connections for breast cancer alongside Brian, a person who has a higher likelihood to get breast cancer due to a genetic trait. Brian will share his proactive reasoning for getting tested.

Prostate Cancer: Reducing Your Risk - Watch Missed Event on Facebook!
Our Sept. 15 was an informative review on prostate cancer given by Dr. Roger Schultz, a board-certified Urologist, discussing prevention and screening as well as treatment options, side-effects and recovery.
If you miss any past Previvor discussions, you can still view them on our Facebook page under our videos section!