Behavioral Health

Adolescent Residential Treatment Program

Our adolescent residential treatment program provides long-term intensive treatment for those boys and girls ages 12 through 17 whose psychological and emotional difficulties have not been stabilized through outpatient or acute services.

a group of adolescent women listening to each other

Our program

We provide a safe, structured, home-like living environment.

  • Programming encourages the individual to focus on their issues, explore untapped resources, develop a sense of self-worth and nurture healthy, positive relationships with others.
  • Therapy is designed to assist the individual and family to cope with emotional, behavioral, or psychological problems from a variety of issues including abuse and neglect.
  • We believe that every child and adolescent has the potential for growth, development, and change in an environment that is attentive, validating, consistent, calm, predictable, caring, safe and empathetic.

a girl reading on her bed next to her desk with art on it

Our focus

  • Earning points/ levels through positive behavior, accomplishing challenges, taking responsibility, and self reliance
  • Providing direction, support and new problem-solving skills while learning to cope with life issues
  • Providing programs that are developmentally appropriate
  • Being involved with families and community agencies throughout the placement


Creative and individualized treatment is determined by the Interdisciplinary Treatment Team, led by our Board certified child psychiatrist.



Educational instruction is geared to the individual's needs by highly skilled, licensed educators in our fully-licensed, on-site school called Riverside Academy.