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By Charlie Martino, Personal Services Coordinator

As we age, we want to do so in the place of our choosing. Doing so in a successful way is largely up to us. While roughly 30 percent of how we age is tied to our genetics, the rest comes from our lifestyle choices.

The evidence is clear and compelling –older adults live longer and better lives if they make healthy lifestyle choices. Healthy lifestyle choices reduce the risks of premature death, lower rates of disability and improve mental health and cognitive function.

So how do you know what to do? At ChooseHome, we believe a healthy life focuses on five successful areas of aging.

  1. Purpose. Ask yourself, what matters to you?
  2. Social. Are you continuing to engage and interact in the community, with friends and across your neighborhoods to keep you social and active? Check out the photos from our latest ChooseHome member social here in this newsletter for evidence of how we practice what we preach.
  3. Community. Do you continue to help others, volunteer in the community?
  4. Financial. Have you looked at your personal finances and made a plan for the future?
  5. Physical. What are you doing to stay active and take care of your body?

ChooseHome Personal Services Coordinators use these five elements of successful aging as the roadmap to learn, think and create your customized plan.

Questions about any of these elements? Contact your Personal Services Coordinator and we'll continue to help you in your journey to enjoy the confidence, security and independence of living at home as you age.

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