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Home check list

Here’s the good news. If you choose to remain in your home as you age, there are ways to modify your house.


  • Ensure exterior is low maintenance, choosing vinyl and brick versus painted wood for siding, and shrubs and plants that don’t require frequent upkeep.
  • Ensure deck, patio and balcony surfaces are no more than a half an inch below the interior floor level if made of wood.


  • If building a new home, consider keeping the main living areas on a single story, with a full bath.
  • Ensure there is a 5-foot by 5-foot turning space in the living area, kitchen, bedroom and a bathroom.
  • Where possible build or enlarge hallways to a minimum width of 36 inches.
  • Add handrails on both sides of the stairway.


  • Install lever handles or pedal controlled faucets with thermostatic or anti-scald controls.
  • Install upper wall cabinetry 3 inches lower than conventional height.
  • Add accented stripes on edge of countertops to provide visual orientation to the workspace.
  • Consider glass front cabinet doors or open shelving for easy access to frequently used items.
  • Add roll out trays to base cabinets.
  • Consider a side-by-side refrigerator.
  • Consider front controls and downdraft to pull heat away from user.
  • Install a light in the shower stall.
  • Select toilet paper holders that are designed to change roll with one hand.
  • Utilize adjustable handheld showerheads with a 6 foot hose.


  • Where possible, ensure there is at least one no-step entryway to the home.
  • Install a sensor light at the exterior door most often used – and the one with the no-step entry – that shines on the front door lock and keyhole.
  • Ensure entry doors have 32 inches of clear width, which requires a 36-inch door. Consider doors with sidelights or a low peep hole viewer.


  • Build flush thresholds where possible. For exterior thresholds, aim for a maximum of a half-inch beveled and a maximum of a quarter-inch beveled for interior.


  • Install levered door hardware, instead of knobs.
  • Ensure there is 32 inches of clear width to pass through, which requires a 36-inch door.


  • Add additional lighting where needed.
  • Install easy-to-open doors that do not obstruct access to contents inside.
  • Consider adjustable closet rods and shelves.

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