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The Geriatric Mental Health Partnership (GMHP) is an informal, voluntary group which focuses on geriatric mental/ behavioral health care in the Commonwealth. Participants of the GMHP include representatives from mental/ behavioral health, aging services, and long term care representing the private, public and academic sectors. Since it was formed in 2007, the GMHP has worked tirelessly to improve communication and service coordination between the mental/ behavioral health and long term care systems, so that older adults are able to receive needed care in a timely manner in the most appropriate setting.

One of the key obstacles the group continues to identify is a lack of relevant training for facility and community staff. The GMHP identified multiple key training issues important for developing a workforce prepared to effectively address the behavioral health needs of the growing aging population. After the successful delivery of six webinars in the spring of 2012 and 2013, with more than 2,000 participants, this project continues the collaborative approach and addresses the next three training issues. These one-hour webinars will be offered during the spring of 2014. These topics include:

1) The Temporary Detention Order (TDO) Process – Part 2;
2) Personality Disorders and Aging; and
3) Medications: Friend or Foe? – The Role of Medications in Both Causing and Curing Behavior and Cognitive Problems.

The webinars will be produced by the VCU Department of Gerontology, and project management will be provided by the Riverside Center for Excellence in Aging and Lifelong Health.

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