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Our Geriatric Assessment Clinic provides comprehensive health screenings and medical tests for older adults. The assessment is typically covered by Medicare and other major health insurance companies and requires a referral from a primary care physician. The Geriatric Assessment may take several hours to complete, and may take place over the course of two to three visits to us. Below is a detailed list of the process and types of procedures you will undergo at your assessment:

  • An evaluation conducted by an interdisciplinary team that includes a geriatrician, a nurse, counselor and geriatric pharmacist focusing on memory loss, incontinence, fall risk, depression, and medication issues.
  • As part of the assessment you may be referred to a neuropsychologist to determine strengths and weaknesses in thinking and memory, have a pharmacist review medications, and be supported  by a care consultant. As part of the medication review, please bring all prescribed and over-the-counter medications, including supplements, with you to the appointment. The pharmacist will review these medications, provide education and discuss effective ways to manage, and in some cases, reduce the number of medications taken.
  • We may also request other testing such as lab work, MRI or CT scan of the brain.
  • At a follow-up visit, there will be list of recommended strategies for families and care partners/caregivers individualized to the findings of your assessment.
  • Relevant referrals to community resources for continued support will also be offered.

Once completed, the results of your assessment will be sent to your primary care physician. You will also be sent a summary of your results.

The fees for the Geriatric Assessment Clinic, for services not covered by insurance, are as follows: 

Service:  Fee
 Geriatric Assessment includes the initial appointment and 1 follow up appointment $290
 Geriatric Assessment each additional follow up appointment  $50


Riverside will bill Medicare and other supplemental insurance for the physical exam by the geriatrician or nurse practitioner. Your insurance may bill you for regular co-payments if applicable.

Fees are due in full at the time of the appointment. We also offer a sliding scale for individuals who qualify. 

To learn more about the Geriatric Assessment Clinic or to schedule an appointment, please call 757-220-4751 or send an email to

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