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The Jane D. McKinney Driver Rehabilitation Program includes Senior Driver Safety Assessments, Adaptive Driver Assessment and Training, and Driver Training for Teenagers with Disability.   John Vaughter, Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist, is a licensed Commercial Driving Instructor with BS in physical education from Norfolk State University and credentialed by the Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists.  This program is the only freestanding Driver Training School in the Hampton Roads area dedicated to individuals with disabilities and special needs.  This program aides those experiencing a change in abilities regain a sense of independence and quality of life.  Discover more >

The Geriatric Assessment Clinic’s interdisciplinary consultative team, led by a geriatrician, conducts comprehensive geriatric assessments.  This includes medication reconciliation, review of geriatric syndromes and any concern regarding memory and behavior changes.  Referrals may be made for lab tests, head imaging, or to neuropsychologist for testing to determine strengths and weaknesses in cognition and memory.  After the assessment is completed, the team presents recommended strategies for families and caregivers to manage concerns that are identified in the evaluation. Discover more >