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"I still have a lot of adventures waiting for me."

Doris Aaron

I've been around the world and back, and Warwick Forest has become the perfect place for my adventurous spirit. I was born in the Czech Republic and moved to Germany for school. Once I completed my education, I relocated to the United States in 1956. I met my sweetheart, a fighter pilot in the Air Force, and we married in Dayton, Ohio. Within the States, we also lived in New York and Hawaii.

When my husband passed away, I no longer wanted to maintain our large home or spend so much time by myself. After the house sold, I spoke with Warwick Forest's marketing team, and they explained everything that came along with living in this community. The social and wellness opportunities were just what I had been searching for.

If you ask anyone at my church, they'll tell you I love meeting new people and making friends. They always tell visitors to sit next to me! That's why Warwick Forest has been the perfect fit for me. I am hardly ever in my apartment because there's just too much to do here, and I always have a friend (or three) to join me.

When my friends say how young I look, I tell them I have mostly Warwick Forest to thank. I have so much fun participating in the Wii™ bowling league. I'm staying strong by attending water aerobics classes three times a week. I have to keep exercising because I love to eat…maybe too much! It's easy to do with three different restaurants right here on campus. I also participate in Warwick Forest's Bible studies and am an active member of my church. There are opportunities to explore so many interests, and I regularly attend the symphony, opera and theatre performances. I love to learn, so I participate in the lifelong learning program at Christopher Newport University.

I haven't lost the travel bug and still take regular trips. Just recently I took my oldest son to Germany where we enjoyed a river cruise on the Rhine. We had a fantastic time, and it seems that my other two sons will be expecting an invitation soon!

My advice to prospective residents is simple: just do it. I had my doubts, wondering if I would be happy living in a retirement community, but I absolutely love life at Warwick Forest. I haven't had to slow down—and don't intend to any time soon. I haven't regretted my decision for one minute.

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