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Allen wasn’t aware of what was available at Warwick Forest. But he’s glad his daughter knew.

Allen Callis

The journey that brought Allen Callis to Warwick Forest began, in a sense, when he was still a teenager. Raised in Matthews County, Allen was a standout on his high school football team and was awarded a scholarship to Randolph-Macon College. As it turned out, his collegiate athletic career was cut short by injuries, a circumstance that, ultimately, factors into his move to Warwick Forest many years later – but we’re getting ahead of the story.

After leaving Randolph-Macon, Allen enrolled in the Newport News Apprentice School and after several years of education and training was certified as machinist in the Shipyard. Over time he became a production foreman in a career that spanned 40 years. Allen and his wife made their home in Newport News and raised four daughters. Other than some time spent working in Savannah, Allen has been in the Tidewater region all his life. He enjoyed his work at the ship yard, the company of family and friends and the area’s natural beauty. All in all, it was a good place to be, and for Allen, it still is.

After his wife passed away, Allen remained at home until the late summer of 2017. “I had my knees operated on then. Joint replacements. Those years of playing football and the injuries finally caught up with me. The surgery went fine but because of a problem with my heart valve I wasn’t able to get the physical therapy I needed. So I never really got my mobility back. It got to the point where I couldn’t take care of things at home any more. I wasn’t sure of what to do but my daughter did some research and learned more about assisted living at Warwick Forest. She kind of initiated things and I followed along because I have complete trust in her. She didn’t let me down.”

Allen gets around in a motorized wheel chair now but it hasn’t slowed him down all that much. “I go out to dinner with family from time to time and am able to get to my doctor’s appointments and anything else I need. I’ve made a lot of new friends here and there are also some old friends, people who used to work at the ship yard with me. For meals I sit at a table of six and we have good talks and good times every day.”

“If I need something anywhere on the campus or in my apartment, the staff is always ready to help. They really look out for me. I’ve been at Warwick Forest for well over a year now and I’d have to say that I’ve experienced nothing but good situations.”

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