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Senior Perspectives

A Therapeutic Day Program for Older Adults

Senior Perspectives is designed to help older adults cope with the challenges that can accompany aging, such as feelings of isolation, depression and loneliness. We are committed to helping you or your loved one gain a healthier, happier outlook so you can begin feeling better.

What is Senior Perspectives?

Our day program offers professional counseling and therapeutic activities during the day, and you return to your own home at night. You or your loved one can come as little as one day a week or as often as five days a week, depending on your individual needs. Medicare and most private insurance companies typically cover the Senior Perspectives program.

You or your loved one will receive an individualized treatment plan, and your care will be overseen by a board-certified physician who can monitor and adjust medications, if needed. Your program may include individual counseling, group counseling and other therapeutic activities. Morning snacks and lunch are served daily. We will also meet with your family, as needed, to help provide you with as much support as possible.

Is Senior Perspectives Right for You?

If you or your loved one answer yes to any of the following questions, Senior Perspectives may be helpful.

Are you feeling down or helpless?
Are you struggling to cope with change?
Are you having trouble adjusting to retirement?
Do you lack energy and motivation to take care of yourself?
Are you lonely or isolated?
Are you experiencing crying spells?
Are you struggling with grief and loss?
Are you feeling nervous or worrying all the time?
Are your eating and sleeping habits changing?
How Can You Participate?

Give us a call at 757-787-4058, and we'll begin the process.

1. Schedule a free consultation. We will have one of our qualified professionals meet with you to determine if Senior Perspectives could be helpful.

2. Meet with the program's physician. Our board-certified physician will evaluate you for admission into Senior Perspectives.

3. Discuss transportation. We may provide transportation to and from Senior Perspectives from Northampton and Accomack Counties.

4. Start the program. You're now on your way to a healthier, happier outlook.

To schedule your free consultation, call Senior Perspectives at 757-787-4058.

Proudly serving the Eastern Shore.

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