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Care We Provide

Long Term Acute Care

All patients do not heal at the same rate. Some patients require more extensive treatments and more recuperative time. The best place for these patients is in a long-term acute care hospital like Hampton Roads Specialty Hospital. Our patients receive close medical and nursing care in a very controlled environment that is specifically designed for long term acute care.

The care we provide is long-term acute care – not long-term care or skilled nursing care. The two types of care have very important differences.

Hampton Roads Specialty Hospital

Skilled Nursing

Patient Focus



Daily Physician Visits



Hours of Direct Nursing Care

Approximately 8 hours per day

2-4 hours per day

Rehab services are provided daily



Length of Stay

Based on Diagnosis


Our patients generally come from traditional hospitals and medical centers, where they've received short-term acute care, more invasive procedures and testing, and have healed beyond the "unstable" phase of their illness. Although their care is still considered acute, our patients are beginning their transition into the recuperative stage.