Peace of Mind Through Home-Based Medical Technology
Technology plays a critical role in home care in many areas. Easy-to-use monitoring and response services and medical management systems help Increase safety and support independence. For decades, Riverside has helped people get the resources they need to age at home with confidence through in-home technology services.

Personal Emergency Response Systems
personal emergency response systemsWhen it comes to response systems, one size definitely doesn’t fit all. For that reason, Riverside offers a number of easy-to-use options for personal emergency response systems – also called medical alert devices – that meet a full range of specific needs and functions, lifestyles, personal preferences and budgets.

Whatever choice works best for your situation, there is no equipment to buy and no long-term contract. Installation is free, auto-pay billing is available and Riverside technicians make sure you are confident in your ability to take full advantage of the device.

Premium Option - help anywhere, anytime you need it
This 24/7 mobile safety device offers a special lightweight design. It features automatic fall detection and uses both a GPS tracking system and Location-Based System, or LBS, to assure highly accurate and reliable location monitoring. The Riverside Premium Option device also includes:

  • Two-way voice to Emergency Response Center operator
  • Manual alert capability
  • Water resistance
  • Up to 30 hours of battery charge

Basic Wireless Option – help wherever there’s cellular coverage 
The Belle® mobile medical alert pendant relies on established 911 location technology to accurately pinpoint the location of the alarm in the event the user can’t communicate with the call button. The wireless option offers simple one-button access to an emergency response center through powerful, built-in, two-way voice capability. When contacted, the response center can send emergency services or contact a designated family member or friend. Other features include:

  • Water resistance
  • Up to 30 hours of rechargeable battery life
  • No need for landline or base station
  • Can be worn on a lanyard or in the pocket

personal emergency response systemBasic Landline Option – help in an around your home
Also known as Riverside Alert, this lightweight and easy-to-use pendant features a personal help button that, through a communicator base that uses your telephone landline, connects the wearer to an emergency response center where a trained staff member will quickly assess the situation. If the pendant wearer is unable to speak, help is dispatched immediately. The basic landline option also connects you to Riverside Information and Resources, a special service that provides a wide range of guidance and support that can help older adults age at home with confidence and comfort. Other features include:

  • Pendant never needs charging
  • Includes 24/7 non-emergency nurse line
  • Pendant can be worn around the neck or as a wristband
  • Optional fall detection pendant is available

Medication Dispensing System
The purpose of Riverside’s Medication Dispensing System is simple but vitally important. It reduces the risk of missing a needed dose of medicine or making a medication error. This helps you avoid potential health problems by making sure you take the right medications at the right time.

Using a Philips system that assures the highest compliance average of any medication system, users, family members or other caregivers can feel confident that they are getting an exception level of medical management at home. This user-friendly and affordable system operates through an existing telephone landline and delivers a number of important features:

  • The dispensing unit holds up to 40 days of medications at one time
  • Medications are loaded, stored and dispensed in covered pill cups
  • The system can provide up to six medication doses per day
  • A voice alert reminds users when it’s time for medication
  • An automatic alert communicates to a designated caregiver if a dose is missed
  • Overall medication compliance can be tracked through a web-based system

Using Technology to Improve Care
Most Wired Both the personal emergency response systems and the medication dispensing system can communicate with “the outside world” if any need for assistance arises. Being connected in this way is crucial, and it’s enhanced by an equally reliable connection to the Riverside Health System and our extensive care-at-home services and long-standing commitment to help older adults remain safe and independent in their own home.

Taking the Next Step
Riverside’s personal response systems are insurance against health and safety issues that can arise in the home or the community. And like all insurance, while you hope you never need it, it offers a great deal of peace of mind to know it’s there if the need arises. The medication dispensing system is a minimal but valuable investment in helping to assure better health and well-being through proper medication management. Together, this combination of “insurance policy and investment” go a long way toward helping users maintain their health, safety, quality of life and independence.

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