Injured runner girl is sitting on the city stairs

Female Athlete Triad Syndrome

Female athletes can develop a potentially dangerous health condition that can affect them now and in the future. Read more >

Female physical therapist helping male patient with injured Arm

Identifying and Treating Tendinitis

Anyone can get tendinitis—inflammation of a joint from overuse. Know the symptoms and how it’s treated. Read more >

Sports doctor doing healing treatment on man's shoulder

What causes shoulder instability and can it be fixed?

Repetitive overhead shoulder motion or a previously dislocated shoulder can cause shoulder instability. Physical therapy is often the first treatment step. Read more >

younger girl injured on tennis court

Stress fractures: Understanding this common overuse injury

Athletes in sports with a lot of running and pounding on feet and legs are susceptible to stress fractures. Learn more about diagnosis and treatment. Read more >

Wrist pain graphic

Carpal tunnel syndrome—causes and cures 

Weakness or tingling in the fingers can point to carpal tunnel syndrome. Learn more about what causes it and how doctors treat it. Read more >

man holding knee joint in pain

What’s an ACL and why does it tear?

With a skilled surgeon and PT team, athletes can overcome an ACL tear and return to their favorite sports. Learn more about ACL tears and prevention. Read more >

concussion diagnosis prescription pad

What to do after a concussion 

Giving the brain time to rest and heal after a concussion is important for a speedier recovery and overall brain health. Read more >

Man injured shoulder in the gym

When should I see a doctor for a sports injury? 

With some sports injuries, it's obvious you need to see a doctor, but other situations, like overuse injuries, can be tricky. Read more >

man grabbing at his shoulder

How osteoarthritis affects the shoulder

Shoulder osteoarthritis causes wear and tear over time, making the shoulder painful and stiff. Learn how we can help.  Read more >

man grabbing his shoulder

When is it time to repair my rotator cuff?

When nonsurgical methods can’t do enough to treat shoulder pain, it may be time for rotator cuff repair surgery.  Read more >

rolled ankle in a boot

Sprain or strain? What do I have?

Determining whether an injury is a sprain, strain or a break can be tough. Here are some guidelines. Read more >

older man with hip pain

Hip pain 101

Your hips are a major weight-bearing joint, so they’re susceptible to many different conditions and injuries. Learn more about what can cause hip pain. Read more >

Older couple walking in park with dog

Is hip replacement surgery the answer?

Hip replacement surgery can alleviate debilitating hip pain so our patients can get back to the activities they enjoy. Read more >

woman holding knee

Treatments for knee arthritis to get you back up and moving

What you can do to get relief and get moving again. Here’s what you need to know. Read more >

doctor checking male patient knee

Sidelined by knee pain? Here's what you can do about it. 

Don’t let knee pain keep you down. Learn the common causes and treatments options. Read more >