woman with cancer talking to her doctor

After a breast cancer diagnosis: Gathering information for decision-making 

Get started by spending some time learning about your diagnosis so you can make decisions about your care with confidence. Read more >


Experiencing breast cancer through the eyes of a patient

Statistics only tell part of the story. Each woman’s experience is unique from breast cancer  diagnosis through treatment and into survivorship. Read more >

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New prostate cancer diagnosis? Here is what you need to know.

Don't let a recent prostate cancer diagnosis paralyze you. Make informed decisions based on reliable sources and the guidance of your physician. Read more >

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Experiencing prostate cancer through the eyes of a patient

Prostate cancer is a common diagnosis among men, but each man experiences it differently. Learn through the experience of others by reading individual cancer stories. Read more >

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Prostate cancer is common among men; learn the risk factors and talk to your doctor about screening.

Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer among men, but it's highly treatable when found early. What is your risk? Read more >


Does eating soy impact your risk of breast cancer?

Soy products have been targeted as a food to avoid when it comes to hormone-sensitive cancers like breast cancer. Learn if soy is helpful or harmful. Read more >

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Whole person healing for cancer patients

Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are often the first things that come to mind when you hear “cancer treatment plan.” At Riverside, we also provide treatment options to support your body, mind and spirit. Read more >

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Bladder Cancer: Risk Factors, Signs, and Symptoms

This year, it’s estimated that over 81,000 Americans will be diagnosed with bladder cancer. Learn the signs, symptoms, and risk factors of bladder cancer. Read more >

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5 Questions to Ask When You’ve Been Diagnosed with Cancer

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you probably feel overwhelmed with questions and fears. Here are 5 questions to ask your doctor to ease your mind about your disease and treatment.  Read more >

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What is IMRT?

IMRT is a type of radiation therapy that limits harm to healthy tissues. Read more >

Father's Day gift

This Father’s Day make the discussion about prostate cancer and screening a priority

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers among men. Screening is a simple way to detect cancer early so it can be treated. Read more >

Dermatologist examining patient's skin for signs of skin cancer

Most Prevalent of All Cancers: Skin Cancer – Here is Why

Skin is your body’s protective barrier and damage to the skin can lead to skin cancer. Read more. Read more >

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Genetics & cancer: What you need to know

Genetic mutations contribute to cancer risk, but most are not inherited from family members. Learn more about genes and cancer. Read more >

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Little known lung cancer screening is saving lives

Low dose CT lung cancer screenings are cutting mortality rates of lung cancer by 20%. Learn more and if you’re a candidate. Read more >

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BRCA Positive: Do you need preventive surgery?

Preventive surgery can reduce your risk of breast and ovarian cancer if you test positive for BRCA mutations. Learn more about your options. Read more >

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Give the gift of screening this Mother’s Day

Breast and cervical cancers are common among women. Screening is a simple way to detect cancer early so it can be treated.  Read more >

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Myth or fact: Does sugar feed cancer cells?

Blood sugar and other carbohydrates are fuel for all cells, including cancer cells. Read more >

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Does vaping cause lung cancer? 

Riverside experts share the risks associated with vaping, from serious respiratory conditions, such as EVALI, to the potential for developing lung cancer. Read more >

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Immunotherapy: Empowering your immune system to fight cancer 

Immunotherapy is a novel treatment that boosts the power of the immune system to target and slow the growth of cancer cells. Read more >

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Your next steps after a colon cancer diagnosis

A colon cancer diagnosis is shock to anyone, but our cancer team will be with you every step of the way. Read more >

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3 reasons to not put off a colonoscopy

Colonoscopies can make even the best of us feel anxious but scheduling the vital screening on time can save your life. Read more >

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Colon Cancer: A screening could save your life

Colon cancer is most treatable when it’s detected early. Learn about the risks and symptomsRead more >

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Advancing cancer care with clinical trials

Clinical trials today pave the way for cancer solutions tomorrow. Here’s how Riverside is making a difference. Read more >

Varian Edge

'Knifeless' cancer surgery gives patients promising results

Cancer treatment offers less down time and fewer side effects.  Read more >

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Your first mammogram: What to expect

Ease your anxiety with answers to four common questions.  Read more >

Get tips from Riverside to reduce your risk of cancer.

Reduce cancer risk with five healthy habits

Some factors that put us at risk for cancer are genetic — but many others are within our control. Read more >

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Stop cervical cancer with these precautions

Symptoms of cervical cancer usually don't show up until the disease is advanced. Find out what to watch for. Read more >

Riverside shares options for colon cancer screening.

Options for colon cancer screening tests

Learning more about the pros and cons for colon cancer screening options can prepare you to discuss what's right for you with your doctor. Read more >

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You can lower your breast cancer risk

Your risk for developing breast cancer is related to factors that you can control as well as some you can't. Read more >