Updated January 25, 2022

COVID update

Information and advice about COVID-19 changes rapidly. Every day we receive messages through various outlets providing resources and updates on COVID-19. What are the updates we need to focus on? Well, here they are: 5 COVID-19 updates. Every Monday, we will provide 5 important COVID-19 updates for you to learn more about and to share with your loved ones. And if you have questions, please reach out to us. 


Riverside_COVID Messaging_Hospitalizations 

COVID-19 Hospitalizations

On January 25, Riverside Health System had 141 hospitalized COVID-19 patients and over half were unvaccinated. The number of unvaccinated patients continues to outweigh those who are vaccinated. Learn more  

Riverside_COVID Messaging_Vaccine 

COVID-19 Vaccine

With the most recent Omicron surge, an overwhelming number of vaccinated hospitalized patients have not received their booster shots. Of the 141 patients hospitalized at Riverside Health System on January 25, 14 had received the booster and 30 were overdue for their booster shot. To protect yourself and others from potential hospitalizations from COVID-19, we encourage you to get your COVID-19 vaccine if you have not already. Schedule an appointment today 

Riverside_COVID Messaging_Testing 

COVID-19 Testing

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of patients visiting our Emergency Rooms for a non-emergent COVID-19 test. Our Emergency Rooms are not a public COVID-19 testing location. Emergency Room resources are an important community asset that should only be utilized for patients in need of emergency health care.  Learn more about COVID-19 testing locations  

Riverside_COVID Messaging_Blood Shortages 

Blood Shortages

The American Red Cross is experiencing the worst blood shortage in over a decade. Health officials say as a state, Virginia is experiencing a 40% donation drop compared with last year. Health systems across Hampton Roads have issued a collective call for blood donations. Give blood and make an appointment today 

Riverside_COVID Messaging_Monoclonal Antibodies 

Monoclonal Antibodies 

The FDA has issued EUA for certain monoclonal antibody treatments to treat patients with COVID-19. Not everyone who is diagnosed with COVID-19 is eligible. Learn more