October 11, 2012 - Riverside Cancer Center invited patients, their families, donors, and staff to join in the dedication of a healing garden honoring Danette and Jerry Allen, whose generous donation allowed for the expansion of the patio garden and fountains. The patio Healing Garden is part of Riverside's Integrative Medicine model envisioned by Dr. Mark E. Ellis who lost his own battle with cancer in April 2010.

Integrative Medicine involves not only the patients but their loved ones and friends whose lives are also touched by this life-changing illness. Along with the highest quality providers and technology in our region, Riverside includes integrative therapies such as Massage Therapy, Pet Therapy, Music and Art Therapy, as well as our patio Healing Garden – a place of peace and solitude.

Guests were able to experience demonstrations of the various therapies, hear personal stories and speak with patients and staff about their experiences.


Event pictures - More available on Facebook.

Healing Garden Patio Healing Garden Patio

Healing Garden Patio

Attendees entering the Healing Garden

Hors d'oeuvres Tree Healing Garden Patio

Healing Garden Patio

From left to right:
Dr. Patrick Parcells, Danette Allen, Jerry Allen, William Downey, and Dr. George Kannarkat