The Jean Raines Family Scholarship program was established by Riverside Health System and the family of Jean Raines. Its purpose is to allow and encourage the children and grandchildren of Riverside Health System employees to pursue educational goals that support both personal and professional development.

Scholarship Application
Print and complete this form to apply for the Jean Raines Family Scholarship. Please note you must also include attachments.

Scholarship Guidelines

  • Available to children and grandchildren of Riverside Health System employees
  • Based on established admission criteria
  • Not limited to any particular field of study
  • No payback clause
  • Award covers tuition, books, and educational supply fees
  • Must provide proof of admission to accredited or certified school or training program
  • A completed application must be submitted to the Application Committee, which will meet quarterly
  • Eligible students may reapply for awards one time per year
  • Awards are paid directly to the educational institution

Scholarships are based on the following criteria as well as the availability of funds:

  • Documentation of program and/or school acceptance
  • Completion of written essay: What Education Means to Me
  • High school transcript and high school diploma (once received)
  • Personal recommendation
  • Professional recommendation

Admission will also be based on the parent's and/or grandparent's years of continued service with Riverside and household income guidelines.