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As part of your monthly My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter, you'll have a chance to take advantage of some healthy tips from fellow employees. If you have a health and wellness suggestion that other people can use please send it to Daniel Ballin at

Be a stand-up kind of person:
For a lot of my team members at Riverside standing up doesn't take much thought because they're on their feet most of the time already. I have the opposite problem. I'm seated in front of a computer for a good part of the day. So I set a quiet alarm on my watch for every half hour. When it goes off I stand up for a short time. I've been reading how our bodies react to being upright. It has a positive effect on our muscles and bones and apparently our whole metabolic system changes when we stand up and move a little. When I get involved in things, hours can go by before I get up. Now, with a little alarm that doesn't affect anyone else I'm reminded to get on my feet more frequently. And the more I do it the more it becomes a habit so I hardly use the alarm anymore.

Theresa W.

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