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Cold feet? Just relax.
socksGetting into bed with cold feet and having difficulty warming them up is something I remember experiencing at least since I was a teenager. I slept in socks for a long time, which protected my husband from the shock of my freezing toes, but didn't help all that much for me. What I started doing about a year ago is a simple foot exercise that I do in three parts while lying flat on my back with my hands at my side: first I extend my toes out as far as possible and then let them relax back to a normal position; then I turn my foot in circles at the ankle clockwise and counter clockwise; finally I squeeze my toes into a "foot fist" then gently release the tension.

I do each of these steps around 30 times before going on to the next one, but you can always vary that and see what's most effective for you.  The result is that my feet feel warmer and my body is more relaxed overall so I seem to sleep better and more comfortably.

Mary Louise P.