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I have been allergy prone for as long as I can remember, so over the years I've tried to use as many strategies as I can to lessen the effect that allergy season has on me and also reduce my reliance on medications. Unlike a lot of people who have most of their problems in the spring and early summer when everything blooms, I have a tough time in the fall with tree pollens and weed pollens like ragweed.

evening walkWhat my allergy doctor recommended is that I hold off on my morning workout, which is usually a fast walk through the neighborhood, until after work. He told me that most pollens are released in the morning and that's when the pollen coun tis highest. I had always assumed that the count just kept rising over the day. In the heat of the summer I don't usually have a lot of choice because it's still too hot after work, but with fall coming on I can get my outdoor exercise in after work.  So in that window of time before the first frost and when the days get shorter, I walk after I get home and my usual symptoms of runny nose, sneezing and watery eyes seem to do much better.


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