MHLbannerIt's time to pay more attention to your health for some very good reasons

With the upcoming Men's Health Week,
June 10-16, culminating in the celebration of Father's Day, I thought it might be a good time to talk about men's health and who else it affects.

As a relatively new father, I am even more committed to staying healthy in order to serve as a role model for my children and family, provide for the family both financially and spiritually and, Fathersultimately, lead by example in as many ways as I can.

It's become kind of a stereotype – but one that has its roots in reality – for men to pay a lot of attention to their "toys," the material (and often vehicular such as cars, boats and bikes) accessories that boys and men of all ages seem to enjoy. Particularly when it comes to cars, men have traditionally directed a considerable amount of time and energy, as well as dollars, to washing, maintaining, upgrading and otherwise caring for their "ride."

Contrast that attention and sense of pride with how we treat our own bodies. How often do you hear men boasting about being proactive in their own health? I have been in a lot of gyms over the years and I promise you I have never heard another man exclaim how much he's looking forward to his next physical or prostate exam.

That's part of the problem. Good health is usually the last thing on our minds until we no longer have it. Then the subject of health consumes us. Even when we know we have physical ailments or any number of concerns, men are often slow to act when it comesDad to receiving treatment or properly following up to improve our health.

In recognition of Men's Health Week, in honor of Father's Day and most important, as a tribute to the wonderful people in our families and in our lives who love us, I propose that every man reading this commit to being more proactive this month regarding his health. Take the time to schedule your yearly physical with your Riverside Medical Group or other healthcare provider. Talk to and listen to your physician about getting started on a healthier lifestyle. Then stay with it long after this month is over.

Do it for yourself. And do it for your family and all those close to you. They need us to be around for as long as possible. To make that happen, we need to pay a lot more attention to our bodies and minds than we do our "toys" in order to enjoy what life has to offer each and every day.

Stay healthy my friends,


Chair – My Healthy Lifestyle Employee Wellness Committee

(Editor's Note: In addition to serving as Chair for the Employee Wellness Committee, Daniel Ballin is the Administrator of Riverside's Therapy Group, Wellness and Outpatient Services and oversees all of Riverside's therapy services along with Riverside's Wellness and Fitness Centers in Newport News and Gloucester.)