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It's an often told tale, but worth repeating. Exercise is essential to your overall plan of better health and wellness. An unchallenged amount of research exists to show that regular exercise is one of the keys to improving both physical health and psychological well-being while it also reduces your risk for a wide range of chronic illnesses and conditions. And the good news for Riverside employees is that there are free and low cost opportunities out there to support your commitment to exercise, your interests and your personal needs.

You'll find employee wellness options ranging from A (aerobics classes) to Z (zumba classes) along with line dancing,walking, mindfulness-based stress reduction, weight loss (including the highly successful Dietcise program which begins on July 24th, plus the comprehensive services and programs of the Riverside Wellness and Fitness Centers. And don't miss these opportunities during the month of July and beyond:

Wellness Web Chat, July 18, noon to 1 p.m.
Fueling for Peak Performance
Registered Dieticians Holly Hicks and Crystal Witte from Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center will discuss pre-,during and post-exercise nutrition and hydration.
Click here for more information.

Free Fitness Friday
The first Friday of each month (that will be the 6th this month) be sure to be on hand for this free opportunity to use the extensive resources of our two Riverside Wellness and Fitness Centers.

Dietcise, July 24th 10 a.m. or 6 p.m.
Free Open House, July 17th, 10 a.m. or 6.p.m.
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Free My Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Center
Located on 2 Annex on the Riverside Regional Medical Center campus, this new facility is open to all Riverside employees 24 hours a day.

Free Gym and Courts Use
The gym and court facilities at Riverside Behavioral Health Center are open to employees at designated times.

And don't forget the RRMC Team Up for Wellness Fitness Challenge for July. For more information and details on these and other exercise opportunities click here.