MHLbannerGood Food. Good Price. Good Idea.

The new Mindful by Sodexo program is in place at Riverside Regional Medical Center with the intent of a timely rollout to other

Riverside sites. For all us trying to eat healthier, this means more choices for food featuring reduced sodium, fewer calories, less sugar, more fiber, no trans-fat, less than 10% saturated fats, and low-fat cooking methods, plus fresh herbs and spices, more fruits and vegetables and more whole grains.

Grilled-Chicken-Savory-Summer-VegetablesAccording to Kathy Gatchell, the Manager of Food & Nutrition Services at Riverside Regional Medical Center, the Mindful by Sodexo program will include daily menu selections consisting of delicious and healthy entrees. While cafeteria diners can count on a variety of choices, a special consisting of a grilled chicken breast, two healthy lifestyle veggies and a bottle of water or half pint of milk will be available every day.

Another new feature you can expect is bar coding on all nutrition labels (when available) that can be accessed using a free app – MyFitnessPal – to provide additional information and calorie monitoring.

Kathy's hope is that the healthier eating habit won't stop in the cafeteria. "The Mindful program is really about making healthy choices that eventually become second nature. There's no reason why the Mindful approach can't be integrated into what you're eating at home, too."

Be sure to look for Mindful selections and take advantage of the opportunity to eat more nutritious whole foods as part of your overall plan for improved health and wellness.