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The idea that you should have somewhere between six and eight glasses of water a day has always been a little intimidating to me.
Over the years I was probably getting that much liquid, but quite a bit of it was in the form of coffee or soda. What I've found to be healthier and what my family and I have really come to enjoy is flavoring the water with fresh fruit. There are quite a few commercial products with fruit flavors but most contain some completely unnecessary ingredients like sugar or artificial sweeteners and other chemicals. Plus there's no reason to create more waste with the plastic bottles.

fruit waterWe do things like add thin slices of strawberries to a pitcher of tap water and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight or at least for a couple of hours. We've also used cucumber slices, mixtures of fruit like mangos and pineapples or mangos and kiwi, frozen or fresh blueberries, lemon and lime slices and lime slices and fresh mint. You can find a lot of recipes online for "fruit infused water" but my family enjoys coming up with new combinations on their own. Adding a little fruit to your water isn't exactly rocket science but it's easy and inexpensive and for us it's been a great way to get everyone drinking more water.


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