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Here's a tip for you

Some of my days can be pretty grueling so when it comes to working out or doing any kind of exercise it's not hard to make the excuse that I'm too tired or don't have time. It seems like I always had time to plop down and watch a little TV, usually after dinner, so I figured that sometimes that may be my best shot at doing something that can actually improve my health.

I put two sets of weights, eight and ten pounds, right beneath the little stand where I keep the remote so I couldn't avoid them. So instead of just being a blob on a comfortable chair I lift the weights while I'm watching TV. At first I stayed in the chair and just lifted them over my head, but now I get down on the floor on an exercise mat and it feels a little more "official."

Exercise-While-Watching-TVI do curls with the heavier weights as well as lifting them over my head. With the lighter weights, I hold my hands at my sides and then extend my arms out and hold them for a 10 count and then repeat. Sometimes I get into it so much I realize I'm not even watching the TV which may be an additional benefit! I know it's not exactly a big-time workout, but it's something and I know it's better than just sitting there. I've been doing for several months now and have made it part of my routine. I already see a difference in how toned my arms are getting and I even feel like I have more energy.