MHLbannersmallDon't miss the opportunity for a healthy discount and a healthier you

We have extended the deadline to November 30 for completing the requirements to be eligible to receive health plan premium discounts. Although approximately 46% of eligible team members returned their Physical Exam Verification Forms by early October we want the greatest number of Riverside team members as possible to participate in the program and earn discounts for 2013 and beyond.

Remember that both you and your covered spouse need to participate in order to earn the highest discount. Team members who opt to not participate in the program will no longer earn the premium discount and will see significant increases in their health plan premiums.

What Our Team Member Wellness Program is All About
We understand the impact that maintaining a healthier lifestyle has on a team member's overall health and wellbeing. Through the My Healthy Lifestyle employee wellness program, we offer many opportunities for team members to improve their health, to spend wisely when making choices regarding their health, and to find balance between their work and personal life. One way that Riverside encourages program participation is through the offering of My Healthy Lifestyle health plan rate discounts.

And Don't Forget … You're Not Out There Alone
Health Advocate, the company that Riverside already partners with to provide healthcare navigation services for members of the Riverside CareAdvantage PPO (with a designated RMG primary provider) has also developed the Wellness Advocate. This program provides all of the tools you need to get on – and stay on – the healthy track including:

  • Wellness Coach
  • Health Information
  • Wellness Workshops
  • MedChoice Support
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) – Online link active through November 30, 2012

These free and always confidential Wellness Advocate services are easy to access and available for you and your eligible family members who are part of any Riverside health plan. Just call Health Advocate toll-free at 1-866-799-2643 or send any questions you might have by email to You can also visit the website at or

Don't miss the chance to save on premiums and other health plan related costs while you also look better and feel better. It's a combination you can't beat so make sure you beat the November 30 deadline.

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