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We've had a more than usual bit of winter in
this part of Virginia and as we all look forward to spring, your newsletter is blossoming with good information including a TopĀ 10 list of foods that can help increase your longevity. You'll also find an informative article about traumatic brain injury and the impact it makes on individuals and society as a whole. Don't miss the update on the Maintain, Don't Gain Challenge and its efforts to help us enjoy the holidays and all the good food with no additional weight gain.

There's an article by Wellness Chairman Daniel Ballin on why we all can use the kind of commitment and determination put into play by Olympic athletes even if we can't match their athletic achievements. It's all here in the March issue of your newsletter along with an employee tip that can help you combine working out with watching TV.

Our hope as you receive your My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter each month is that you will read it but also respond to it. To provide comments or ideas for future issues, please contact Daniel BallinĀ at