MHLbannersmallAs the summer moves inexorably toward the fall, don't miss your latest newsletter and what it has to tell you about a wide range of subjects that are helpful for the waning summer and beyond.

August is the last and often hottest full month of summer and we've included some helpful ideas about beating the heat with some low-tech but effective strategies. And because salads seem to taste even better in the summer we've included some recipes for making your own salad dressing – along with some information on why that's a good idea.

This month's issue also features a guest speaker, a Riverside physician (Medical Bariatrician) who has some interesting and informative things to tell us about childhood and adolescent obesity including programs that can help make a difference. Speaking of obesity, there's also an article on breastfeeding and obesity (appropriate in that August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month) that shines a light on the fact that the nature of the relationship between the two is not always agreed upon. In addition, you'll also find some helpful suggestions – and a chart to guide you – on what you can expect from various activities in the way of burning calories. All this plus some news about the Paleo Diet, from a potential "cave man" who shares his personal thoughts and experience – with no endorsement intended.

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