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How can it be August already?
This last full month of summer is just the right time to get some help with beating the heat, making your own salad dressing, learning about a modern-day approach to a pre-historic diet, figuring out how many calories you're burning, getting the latest on childhood obesity and getting the facts – or at least the research – on breastfeeding and obesity.

My Healthy Lifestyle Guest Speaker: Dr. Felice Haake
Talks About Childhood Obesity

The value of a medically-supervised program
As the medical bariatrician at Riverside Medical & Surgical Weight Loss Center, Felice Haake, DO, discusses the value of a medically- supervised, multidisciplinary approach to the increasing problem of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents. READ MORE

Breastfeeding and Obesity
Is there a relationship or isn't there?
A considerable body of evidence points to breastfeeding as a strategy that can help reduce or even eliminate childhood, adolescent and adult overweight and obesity. But a new study says the connection really isn't there. What we do know is that breastfeeding does provide a number of health-related benefits, that it's a personal choice and that regardless of any weight management controversy in that area, obesity among children and teens is a serious national public health problem. READ MORE

Thoughts from the Chair: Eat Like a Caveman
A very personal account of life on the Paleo Diet
The hunter-gatherers of pre-historic and pre-agrarian societies never had the experience of driving past the fast food take-out window or consuming a meal consisting of mostly processed food. Bringing a diet based on higher levels of protein and the elimination of processed grains into our own time can have a positive effect, according to this "From the Chair" article by Daniel Ballin. READ MORE

Dressing Up
Some thoughts about what you put on your salad
Although most salads start life in a fairly healthy state, somewhere along the way something happens. It's called "salad dressing" and there's a chance it might turn that crisp bowl of greens into something considerably less healthy. What should you know about salad dressing and what can you do? READ MORE

What To Do When the Temperature Rises
Some low tech but effective ways to stay cool
Are there any alternatives to blasting the AC and then paying the price when it comes to summer cool downs? These old school tips can help you beat the heat this summer with very little effort and no additional energy costs. READ MORE

Exercise, Activities and Calories
A look at the calories you burn for different activities
You can always estimate the number of calories you burn while you're taking part in various activities. But to get past such measurements as "a lot of calories" or "not so many" check out the chart that gives you a closer count on how much energy you're expending for some of your favorite activities. You might also find an exercise you'll want to begin as an effective and enjoyable part of overall weight management and better health. READ MORE

We're All Looking for Some Healthy Tips
Saving calories at Starbucks
In this issue you'll find some helpful reminders on some things you can do to save on calories and still enjoy your Starbucks moment. My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter offers employee-to-employee suggestions on health, wellness and healthier lifestyles. If you have a tip that other team members can use we'd all like to see it, so please share your health suggestions by sending them to Daniel Ballin, Chair for the Employee Wellness Committee. READ MORE