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My Healthy Lifestyle brings Riverside team members interesting and useful information to support better health and wellness.
When it comes to health and wellness issues, May is a busy month and your newsletter is keeping pace with informative articles related to National Stroke Awareness Month, Better Sleep Month and Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. You'll also read about new, more affordable medical weight loss options for Riverside team members. It's all in your May newsletter along with an employee tip on the benefits of getting your hands dirty. READ MORE

Making Weight Loss More Accessible and Affordable
A choice of medically-supervised weight loss options for employees
Between now and May 31, Riverside team members can take advantage of some special offers on medical weight loss and weight management programs that are safe, evidence based and more accessible than ever. READ MORE

When It Comes to Stroke, It's Important to Act FAST
What National Stroke Awareness Month tells us about risk and response
With May designated as National Stroke Awareness Month, it's a good time to look at our personal risk for stroke, the growing concerns related to younger adults and the reason why quick recognition and response are key to treating and beating stroke. READ MORE

Stay Awake for This Important Information
Better Sleep Month is a reminder of the value of a good night's sleep.
Restful and restorative sleeping isn't just a luxury we can rarely obtain – it's a biological necessity that affects virtually every part of our body and mind. Check out some basic strategies for a better sleep before and after you get into bed. READ MORE

It's (Also) Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month
And a good time to think about everything that's important under the sun
Right about now, before the sun reaches its full summer strength, is the perfect time to refresh our understanding and increase our awareness when it comes to protecting ourselves and our families as our thoughts turn to beaches, ball fields, gardens and a lot of other outdoor activities. READ MORE

We're All Looking for Some Healthy Tips
It's time to get your hands in the dirt
The vegetables taste better and the flowers look even more beautiful. But it's the stress busting part of gardening that makes it worthwhile, whether you're planting a large garden or just a flower box. READ MORE