MHLbannersmallWelcome to Your March Newsletter
My Healthy Lifestyle brings Riverside team members interesting and useful information to support better health and wellness
In keeping with National Nutrition Month, you'll find a Top 10 List of foods that can add years to your life, a look at the impact that brain injury has on the people who experience it as well as their families, and community and an update on the Maintain, Don't Gain Challenge. You'll also read about the traits that Olympic athletes use to succeed that are readily transferable to you. It's all in your March newsletter, along with an employee tip on how to turn TV watching into part of your fitness plan. READ MORE

Can What You Eat Make a Difference in How Long You Live?
Learn why some foods are particularly potent in the anti-aging area
Take a look at this Top 10 list of foods noted for their potential to increase longevity through the reduction of free radicals and disease risk. You'll also get a brief description of the most effective – and enjoyable – way to eat them. READ MORE

It's Brain Injury Awareness Month
And there's a lot we may not be aware of, particularly its scope and impact
Every year the number of people who experience brain injury could fill a city the size of Philadelphia. And it's an injury that goes far beyond the person who sustains it to dramatically affect family, friends and communities. READ MORE

Riverside Team Members Who Maintained and Didn't Gain
It's a great strategy for avoiding the seasonal weight gain blues
Find out what happened when a group of Riverside team members set out to hold their own when it comes to weight management during the most recent Maintain, Don't Gain, Challenge. Also find out the latest on the Riverside Doctors' Hospital Biggest Loser competition. READ MORE

Thoughts from the Chair: Lessons from the Recent Winter Olympics
We may never reach the winner podium but we can all improve our determination
What successful Olympic athletes demonstrate is that there is no substitute for putting in the work when it comes to exercise or weight management. There just isn't any short cut, and Wellness Chairman Daniel Ballin reflects on the kind of drive, commitment and determination that is essential for our personal health journeys. READ MORE

We're All Looking for Some Healthy Tips
If you're going to watch TV, you might as well do something healthy
If you have a tip that other team members can use, we'd all like to see it, so please share your health suggestions by sending them to Daniel Ballin, Chair for the Employee Wellness Committee. In this issue, a reader shares some thoughts on how to add a little more weight to your favorite show. READ MORE