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February is American Heart Month so be sure
to read about a few "heart unhealthy" foods. You'll also find some information on the relationship between headaches and cheese, the importance of getting up from your chair and why you should look at life through the windshield instead of the rear view mirror. It's all in your February newsletter along with a helpful employee tip on dancing at home. READ MORE

The Most Important Hearts in February Are Not on a Valentine's Card
February is American Heart Month and here's how you can celebrate
From Presidents Day to Valentine's Day to Groundhog Day, the shortest month of the year holds a special place in the calendar. But as a reminder to reduce our risks for heart disease, February's designation as American Heart Month is a good time to re-invigorate our efforts toward a more heart-healthy lifestyle. READ MORE

Seven Foods You'll Want to Avoid or Cut Back On
A quick list of some heart unhealthy foods
It's tough when some of the foods and food groups that rank in the heart unhealthy category are among those that many of us seem to crave. While it may not be realistic to eliminate them from your diet, American Heart Month is a good reminder that it's time to cut way back and here's why. READ MORE

Stand Up More and Don't Forget to Move Your Body
Here's what you can do to help beat the health risks of prolonged sitting
A number of new studies are reminding us that staying in our seats too long can lead to some surprising and quite serious health concerns. The same research also indicates that just standing up frequently isn't enough. So check out this quick, easy and "hip" exercise that will help you get the most out of being upright. READ MORE

A Cheesy Look at What Might Be Causing Your Headache
What do cheese, red grapes, tofu and avocados have in common?
Other than a potentially interesting and tasty combination to include in a salad, they are all high in a chemical compound called tyramine. And for some people, tyramine can be a real headache. READ MORE

Thoughts from the Chair: The Value of Living Life through the Windshield
The key to improvement doesn't center on looking through the rearview mirror
Too often we remember past achievements and set them up as the milestones for the future. It can be a problem in our health and fitness as well as in other areas of our lives. In this article, Daniel Ballin, Chair of the Riverside Employee Wellness Committee, reflects on the importance of referencing the past, then moving forward. READ MORE

We're All Looking for Some Healthy Tips
Dancing your way to fitness in the comfort of your home
In this issue, a Riverside team member shares some thoughts on how dancing at home can be a convenient and effective way to get a good workout. READ MORE


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