MHLbannersmallSometimes all that fun in the sun can have some negative effects. Find out what your online newsletter has to say on the subject of UV rays and you.

Welcome to your July My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter, the online voice of My Healthy Lifestyle, a program designed to bring good information on health and wellness to all team members. Appropriately enough for the month with the largest total number of daylight hours in it, July has been designated UV Safety Awareness Month. Because of the close association between sun exposure and skin cancer, July is when we should take time out to increase our awareness about the risks inherent in too much time under the sun and its ultraviolet radiation.

For that reason, this issue offers some strategies for reducing your risk for skin cancer and premature skin aging with a special reminder that your eyes have to be protected, also. You'll also find some helpful suggestions on how to travel, arrive at your destination and head back home as healthy as possible. And if you do get a little sunburn (the recommendations for limiting the sun exposure are designed to help avoid that scenario) there's a tip from a fellow team member on some easy and effective home remedies that have stood the test of time. For a break from the sun, you'll also learn why Bolivians have no place at the table for fast food. All this plus some thoughts on nutrition that focuses on what you can do to help the condition of your skin and hair.

Our hope as you receive your My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter each month is that you will not only read it but respond to it. To offer comments and ideas for future issues, please contact Daniel Ballin at And you can also follow Daniel on Twitter @danob71 for more health-related information.