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April 15th is the tax deadline but that's hardly the only thing that brings stress into our life. It's Stress Awareness Month and while you might be aware of the stressors in your life you might want to learn more about how some people are coping. Your online newsletter is here to help. READ MORE

Stress Reduction Made Easy
Free yoga classes give this Riverside team member some noticeable mind-body benefits
People and been doing yoga for 5,000 years and Riverside's Cancer Registry Manager, Jennifer Brown, has a good idea why. Her personal experience offers an insight into the physical and psychological benefits of yoga. READ MORE

Thoughts from the Chair: Don't Stress About Exercise 
Stick with your workout plan in order to reduce and manage stress
If you're human you're subject to stress.  It's that simple. Fortunately, something that is already doing us good in terms of strength, flexibility, balance, cardiovascular fitness and overall wellbeing is also helping out when it comes to managing stress – regular exercise, and the accent is on "regular."  READ MORE

What You Should Know About Medical Fitness
Daniel Ballin explains the difference between fitness and medical fitness
Medical fitness is something we believe strongly in and it includes the availability of physical therapy, exercise physiology, personal training, nutritional specialists and health information all in the same place where you get your physical exercise. So what exactly is the difference?  READ MORE

Focusing on Stress
Some downloadable resources you can use to make life less stressful
On its most basic biological level, stress is a physiological response that can be negative, positive or neutral.  But within the boundaries of our hurried and hassled lives, stress takes on a health-damaging potential that affects us as individuals and as a nation. Although the My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter can't be the final word on stress it can help get the conversation started. READ MORE

Depressed by Your Diet?
The link between what you eat and your mood and mental outlook
There is no specific food or even group of foods that will keep you from feeling depressed. But there are some foods that can help improve your overall emotional wellbeing. The good news is that they include some of the same foods that are part of a healthier diet for your body, too. READ MORE

Here's a Contest You Won't Want to Miss
Write your personal fitness story and be a big winner
The My Healthy Lifestyle contest gives you the chance to win 2 VIP tickets to the Jillian Michaels Maximize Your Life Tour, Friday April 26 at the Ferguson Center. Featured on The Biggest Loser, Losing It with Jillian and in New York Times bestselling books, Jillian Michaels brings a motivational message on wellness and fitness you won't want to miss, especially when you can enjoy it with a VIP package for the show.

We Are All Looking for Some Healthy Tips
Sometimes the simplest approach can be the most effective
In this issue you'll find a simple but effective personal strategy to help manage stress. READ MORE