MHLbannersmallWelcome to Your November Newsletter
November's accent is on Diabetes, but the flavor is healthier eating for everyone
It's National Diabetes Awareness Month and this issue of My Healthy Lifestyle offers some thoughts on what you might want to be aware of. You'll also find a fast and convenient way to help manage your health online, a perspective that casts a better light on cholesterol and what it's like to access the free Wellness Coach available for employees and their dependents covered by Riverside health plans. It's all here. READ MORE

This November Is Diabetes Awareness Month
And here are some things we all should be aware of
There's been a lot of focus on type 2 diabetes in recent years, but National Diabetes Awareness Month is a good time to remind ourselves about the risk factors related to diabetes as well as the lifestyle changes that can help you reduce the risk. READ MORE

Diabetes May Get Its Own Month, But It Doesn't Need Its Own Diet
So what about the diabetes diet?
It turns out that what constitutes a healthy diet for all of us is a great nutritional choice if you have diabetes, too. And works the other way also, because if you eat like a diabetic or pre-diabetic you're going to do yourself a lot of good regardless of your medical history. READ MORE

Met Your Wellness Coach Yet?
A personal experience with the Riverside and Health Advocate coaching program
Take a look at one employee's introduction to and ongoing experience with the Wellness Coach, a free and personalized phone or email-based program that lets you gain access to good information, motivation and a range of other support. READ MORE

Managing Your Health Online is Easier Than Ever
Just link up with myHealth eLink and you're on your way
You can access medical records, request appointments, refill prescriptions, get the results of your medical tests and more. It's all part of the myHealth eLink online health management program and getting enrolled is easy. READ MORE

Thoughts from the Chair: A Different Take on Cholesterol and Heart Disease
Why it might be time to take cholesterol out of the penalty box
Despite the fact that it's not the most reliable predictor of heart attacks, cholesterol has been positioned in a causal relationship with coronary artery disease for quite a few years. Wellness Committee Chair Daniel Ballin offers an alternative to this long-standing belief about cholesterol that may have originated as the result of some outdated science. READ MORE

We're All Looking for Some Healthy Tips
How to help your children avoid infections
In this issue you'll find ways to help smaller children get through the cold and flu season as healthy as possible. READ MORE