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My Healthy Lifestyle brings Riverside team members a wide range of useful and interesting information to support better health and wellness.

A personal account of why an annual wellness exam brings unexpected benefits, tips on how to stay fit when the weather outside is coldly unwelcoming, a tip from a fellow employee on what to do about cold feet and a look at the link between obesity and cancer. It's all here in your My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter. And don't miss the 10 things you can do to get some important health benefits in 10 minutes or less. READ MORE

A Personal Appreciation of the My Healthy Lifestyle Program
Including some benefits that go beyond health management and health plan savings
When Rebecca Brown completed her most recent annual wellness exam she didn't get any surprises. What she did get was some further motivation and reinforcement to stay the course in her efforts to improve her own health … that and a chance to develop a stronger relationship with her primary care doctor. READ MORE

The Link Between Obesity and Cancer
How lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of certain cancers
Obesity has long been a health concern especially in the area of cardiovascular risk. Now, an extensive amount of evidence points to the fact that people who are overweight or obese have higher rates of many different cancers. READ MORE

Thoughts from the Chair
When it comes to your exercise program, be real
One of the biggest mistakes we make, whether starting to exercise or as part of a continuing program, is setting unrealistic expectations or looking for a quick fix. Daniel Ballin, the Chair for the Employee Wellness Committee, offers some thoughts on taking a realistic approach and setting the bar for success. READ MORE

Stay in Shape While You Stay Home
Some healthy indoor activities for the winter season
Here's some hope for those winter days when you're feeling somewhat less than hardy and intrepid and the thought of exercising outdoors – or going to a facility – doesn't sound like a good idea. Use these simple and easy-to-do exercises and activities to maintain your fitness without leaving the house. READ MORE

How Much Time Do You Need?
10 things you can do to improve your health and wellbeing in 10 minutes
We all have excuses why we don't make better decisions regarding our health and wellbeing, and most of them center on not having enough time. But what about all those things you can do that take only a short time – 10 minutes or less – out of your busy schedule? READ MORE

We Are All Looking for Some Healthy Tips
My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter offers employee-to-employee suggestions on health, wellness, and healthier lifestyles
If you have a tip that other team members can use we'd all like to see it, so please share your health suggestions by sending them to Daniel Ballin, Chair for the Employee Wellness Committee. In this issue you'll find some warming thoughts on what you can do about cold feet in bed through a fast and simple activity that also helps you relax before sleeping. READ MORE

A New Ride for a New Year
Congratulations to our weekly drawing – and grand prize – winners
As additional motivation for team members who completed and sent in their Physical Exam Verification Forms by the designated deadline, My Healthy Lifestyle has offered a weekly drawing with some highly desirable prizes, along with a grand prize designed to help you ride in style on the road to better health. READ MORE