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My Healthy Lifestyle brings Riverside team members a wide range of interesting and useful information to support better health and wellness.

This issue of the My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter offers some healthy insights into the value of strength training as well as the strong connection between what you eat and how you perform. And don't miss more important information on immunizations, how to help a smoking "quitter," a reminder about savings on your health plan and more, including a fellow employee's personal story about lifestyle changes. READ MORE

Saving money on Health Plan Premiums was a Definite Motivator
But for team member Debbie Outlaw, the even greater value was better health.
One of the interesting things about life is that as we head off in one direction, a whole new path just might open up. For Debbie Outlaw, the physical exam and labs she had in order to qualify for her Riverside health plan savings turned out to be the road to a better balance between work and home and a whole new approach to healthier living. READ MORE

The Connection between What You Eat and How You Perform
Guidelines for fueling up for peak performance
Elite athletes have long been aware of the relationship between what your body takes in and what it puts out in terms of improved performance. Fortunately, the same performance-supporting approach to good choices about what you eat and when you eat works equally well for all of us. READ MORE

There's a Lot of Wellness Going Around at Riverside
And as a team member, it's all there for you.
There are a lot of good reasons to make regular exercise a basic part of your overall approach to a healthier lifestyle. And as a Riverside employee there are also a lot of good opportunities to help you reach that goal. Be sure to take advantage of the wide range of free or low cost and convenient opportunities, including classes, facilities and activities that are available. READ MORE

Focus on Your Strength
The strong connection between strength training and your health
If your approach to exercise emphasizes cardiovascular activities (aerobic exercise) and some type of stretching, that's great. Stay with it. But be sure to add regular strength training as part of your routine. This often underutilized form of exercise offers health benefits at any age, but it's especially important as we get older. READ MORE

How to Help a Quitter Quit
Is there anything you can do for the smoker in your life?
Encouragement, support, a thick skin and understanding your limitations are all important resources when it comes to being there for a friend or family member who is trying to stop smoking. But there are a few other things you might want to consider if you find yourself in that role. READ MORE

Save Health Plan Costs Next Year. Improve your Health for a Lifetime.
Don't miss the deadlines to qualify for savings on your health plan premiums.
There's still time for Riverside health plan employees and covered spouses to take advantage of the My Healthy Lifestyle program – the opportunity for you to save up to $600 on health plan premium and other health care-related costs in 2013 and beyond. Make sure you meet the milestones to be eligible for the program and find out what new resources are in place to help. READ MORE

Immunizations Aren't Just for School-Age Children
Find out who needs vaccines, why and when.
August is National Immunization Awareness Month, and the approach of the new school year is a reminder of the benefit that immunizations have brought to children. But getting your "shots" has value to people of all ages and it's important that you know what's recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. And because you work in a healthcare setting the preventive care provided through vaccines is even more important. READ MORE

Weekly Prizes for Riverside Team Members and an Exciting Grand Prize
A Winner a Week for employees who have completed their Physical Exam Verification Forms within the deadline
In appreciation for those team members who have turned in their 2012Physical Exam Verification Forms we're entering their names in a weekly drawing for wellness-oriented prizes including a special grand prize.The drawings are weekly from July 20th to August 31 and we already have winners. READ MORE