It's summertime & your newsletter is ready
My Healthy Lifestyle brings a wide range of practical information on health and wellness
Follow your My Healthy Lifestyle newsletter into summer with some important information on the new FDA labeling requirements for sunscreen, plus a wealth of other healthy information related to weight loss and maintenance, smoking cessation, your Riverside health plan, wellness and preventive care, reminders about the resources that you can access and other topics of interest and value to you and your family. READ MORE

When it comes to weight loss, don't wait for the big event
Riverside employee looks at weight management as an every day affair
For Ed Heckler, a former physical therapist who's now working in management at Riverside Rehabilitation Institute, too many people expect some major life changing event to get them on the road to better health. As he found out, you're more likely to succeed when you just stick to the basics and make better eating and exercise a priority in your daily life. READ MORE

The one meal you shouldn't skip
Some good strategies against the excuses we come up with for missing breakfast
From the standpoint of nutrition and metabolic action, breakfast – a word derived from breaking the "fast" that sleep imposes on our body – is the most important meal of the day. Yet it's the one we're most likely to skip. If you think you have a good reason, learn how to push back on the excuses, the ones that those around you or you yourself may have, and get in the habit of starting the day right. READ MORE

If you want to improve it, you've got to move it
Take advantage of these employee opportunities and resources
As a Riverside team member, you have free or low cost access to a wide range of wellness resources including a variety of exercise opportunities. With Free Fitness Friday and Dietcise at the Riverside Wellness and Fitness Centers, the new employee wellness facility at Riverside Regional Medical Center, monthly web chats and other special activities each month, you have a lot of good reasons and a lot of good ways to move toward a healthier lifestyle. READ MORE

Thoughts from the chair
There's nothing like a good night's sleep
As a first-time father, Daniel Ballin, the Chair of the My Healthy Lifestyle Employee Wellness Committee, knows a few things about sleep deprivation. And that includes the association between insufficient sleep and a number of chronic diseases as well as weight gain and obesity. The good news is that Daniel also has some good ideas on what you can do to sleep easier. READ MORE

I only smoke when I drink
The unhealthy relationship between smoking and drinking and what you can do about it
Studies show that alcohol may create a triggering effect that makes the drinker think that smoking might be a good idea, too. The trouble is, while there may be a way to keep moderate social drinking drinking as part of your lifestyle, there's no such thing as moderate social smoking. READ MORE

Some deadlines you won't want to miss
Saving on your health plan next year involves hitting these target dates
The My Healthy Lifestyle program makes it possible for employees and their covered spouses who have health insurance benefits through Riverside Health System, to save up to $600 on health insurance premiums or other health-related costs in 2013 and beyond. But in order to qualify, there are some important deadlines you have to make. READ MORE

Riverside team wins big by losing
Shore employees take home a cash prize in weight loss competition
After a 15% reduction of their collective weight in a group weight loss challenge, Team 2 Trim at Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital added $5,000 to their total assets. This healthy weight loss competition not only gave them some extra cash, it provided the motivation to move forward toward a healthier lifestyle. READ MORE

Is fun in the sun a thing of the past?
Not if you take the right precautions and reading your sunscreen labels is a good place to start
July is Ultraviolet Safety month, and there's no better time to read up on latest federal regulations for what sunscreen makers can say about their products, because it can go a long way in reducing confusion about what sunscreen can and cannot do. Knowing more about sunscreen can help reduce the risks of skin cancer and skin aging and can help you work and play more safely this summer. READ MORE