Take Time to Meet Your Newsletter
My Healthy Lifestyle brings a wide range health and wellness information to Riverside team members.

What's new, easy to access, full of good information on healthier lifestyles and just for you?  It's the My Healthy Lifestyle online newsletter and this very first issue offers something of interest and value for everyone on topics that include nutrition, exercise, preventive care, your Riverside health plan and smoking cessation. READ MORE

The Personal Side of High Blood Pressure
Mary's pre-employment exam for Riverside came with a surprise that changed her life.
During a routine physical needed before she started a new job at Riverside, Mary Murray found out her blood pressure was dangerously high. What she did about it has changed her life in ways she couldn't have imagined. READ MORE

The Healthy Side of Summer Eating 
Nothing says summer like salad… with a little grilling thrown in.
Long days, warm evenings, beach time, picnics, BBQ, outdoor events and salad. Why salad? Because summer can turn an ordinary bowl of greens into a veritable farmers market that brings together fresh veggies and delicious ripe fruit in just about every variety and combination you can think of. And just in case, you can always add a little something from the grill. READ MORE

The Biggest Excuse for Not Exercising? Not Enough Time.
That's why we've made it easy to find tips on finding time to exercise. 
Most of us already pack a lot into our daily schedules, so when it comes time to make time, exercise is the activity that too often gets dropped. But it's the one key to better health that we can't afford to miss. Here are some tips on how to fit exercise in, and enjoy it. READ MORE

What's the Connection Between Biometric Screening and Better Health?
Find out how this tool for determining future health risk can improve your health and help you save on your Riverside health plan. 
Biometric screening is an effective approach to wellness that focuses on risk levels and potential medical problems. And it's one of the steps needed to save on your health plan costs in 2013 and beyond.By finding out your "starting point" then focusing on where you want to go and how you're going to get there with regard to better health and wellness, biometric screening can be an important tool for a healthier work force.  READ MORE

Where There's Smoke, There's Help. And We're Glad to Be Part of It.
Some effective smoking cessation aids are included in Riverside's group health plans.
Everyone started smoking the same way: put a cigarette in your mouth and light it. But when it comes to quitting – a far more difficult effort – there are a number of methods and support systems you should know about including prescription drugs. READ MORE

Don't Forget to Take the Next Step 
It's your opportunity to save money in a very healthy way. 
The My Healthy Lifestyle program gives you a chance to save up to $600 on your 2013 Riverside Health System health insurance premiums. And all you have to do is follow Five Steps to make sure you and your covered spouse are eligible for the savings – and meet the deadlines along the way. It's a great opportunity to improve your fiscal health and your physical health at the same time. READ MORE

Let the Sun Shine 
Making, storing and using Vitamin D. 
The sun's ultraviolet rays have the potential to both harm and help our bodies. On the plus side, sunshine is the raw material that lets our cells manufacture Vitamin D, which helps us ward off everything from heart disease and insomnia to depression and osteoporosis. The important part is knowing how to get the good effects without the bad. READ MORE

It's Time to Exercise Your Options
Take advantage of employee opportunities and resources.
You have free or low cost access to a wide range of wellness resources including a variety of exercise opportunities. Free Fitness Fridays at the Riverside Wellness and Fitness Centers, the new employee wellness facility at Annex at Riverside Regional Medical Center and a wide range of special activities each month give you the chance to move and improve. READ MORE