In just six months, Pat has made remarkable gains with the help of Riverside Shore Home Health and the Senior Perspectives program. For years Pat suffered with chronic depression and anxiety and even felt suicidal at times. Despite seeing therapists in the past and taking five different psychiatric medications, she was not feeling any better. A victim of abuse for most of her life, Pat had many painful memories that were difficult to overcome.

She also had health problems to manage, including Parkinson's disease, a history of four cardiac stent surgeries and uncontrolled hypertension. She did her best to handle it all, but after she lost her spouse of over 50 years she felt her world crumbling around her. Then just two months after her husband died, Pat suffered a stroke.

While at Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital, Pat's physician recognized she not only needed to get better physically, she needed to get better emotionally, too. Pat was referred to the Senior Perspectives program. Pat was feeling unsure about participating in group therapy, but she trusted her doctor and said "she would give it a try."

Pat was set up with physical therapy through Riverside Shore Home Health. At home, Pat worked with her therapist to regain her strength and begin walking again. With the encouragement of her physical therapist, Pat agreed to attend Senior Perspectives. On her first day, she entered the program feeling sullen and grasping her walker while she slowly made her way to the therapy room. After just a few group sessions, Pat's mood began to brighten. Two weeks into the program, she was sharing how motivated she was feeling and how determined she was to walk without a walker.

Her therapist at Riverside Shore Home Health remarked what a change she saw in Pat since she began attending the program. Pat expressed what a difference the program was making in her life. She was relating better with her children, reconnecting with her community and feeling hopeful. Today, Pat is not only independent again, she is happy.

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