The Home of an Architect is Never Done

ChooseHome members: Bryce and Anita Hollingsworth

Walk through Anita and Bryce Hollingsworth's Williamsburg home and they'll tell you how much they love the life they've built together there. But even more so, they'll tell you about all the little improvements they've made –and continue to make –to it each day.

Like the perfectly engineered paper towel holder custom-built inside their large pantry to store the rolls vertically, making the most use of the space. 

Or the walk-in, beautifully tiled shower and dressing bench in their master bathroom, featuring lights that automatically turn on when they enter. 

Or the built-in bookcases that hold Bryce's extensive stamp collection. "I'm a third generation collector," Bryce said, thumbing through some of his most prized pieces, which are centuries old. 

Or even the expertly designed entertainment center nestled perfectly to the left of their fireplace, which they installed to make room for another feature –a deep, traditional mantel. "You know," Bryce said, "the home of an architect is never done.

"That's exactly what Bryce is –an accomplished architect. Even at 85-years-old, Bryce, a retired Air Force colonel who helped lead the design and construction of the U.S. Air Force Academy, still works as an architect with the international firm he runs with his son. 

Together, with a team of architects and engineers, they help design and construct embassies all over the world. But, by far, their proudest project is the life and home Anita and Bryce have built together.

"This is my 41st address, you know," Bryce said, with a chuckle. Anita, now 79, and Bryce were among the first families to enroll in ChooseHome. Choosing home, to age in this place of their choosing, was easy because they love what they've built together.

"Some of our motivation, though, was to take care of ourselves in our own home without burdening our children," Anita said. Together, as a blended family, Anita and Bryce have four children and eight grandchildren who live all over the world. 

"We didn't think it would be very fair to ask our children to take care of us," Anita said. In many ways, they already had, Bryce added. It was his daughter, after all, who encouraged him more than 12 years ago to sign up on an online dating site.  

"I figured what did I have to lose," Bryce said. "What I found was Anita, a match made in heaven. And yes, we're proud of the home we've created here together."