Staying Active with the Support She Needs to Live at Home

ChooseHome member: Suzie Brooks

Suzie Brooks may have grown up in Fredericksburg, but she's been in Williamsburg for so long "I feel like I can say I came from here. I mean, I have been here since the 1950s."She came because of her husband. "I met my husband –Gardiner Brooks –in college and he was from Williamsburg," Brooks said. "We fell in love, got married and moved here so he could take over the family real estate and insurance company. We've lived here basically forever."And in many ways, today, she stays because of her husband. 

He died nearly seven years ago, Brooks said. But she knew that as she aged, he would have wanted her to be able to do what she wanted, to live her life, to be active and to be in a place where she felt comfortable and safe. 

That place is home – the home they built together. “I can’t remember exactly how I heard about ChooseHome and this program, but when we did I knew it would be a good fit for me.”

For one, “even though I’m old,” Brooks jokes, “I wanted to stay in my home. I’ve been in this house for 21 years. I have loads of friends here – and they are getting old, too – and we do lots of old people things together.”

She stays active, enjoying dinners out with friends, traveling, entertaining friends at her home and attending the latest art museum openings. Plus, staying home is “way easier than moving. It’s true. It really is. I hate to think about moving.”

Thanks to ChooseHome, Brooks has been able to adapt her home to her needs and lifestyle. 

Recently, she installed a chairlift from her first floor down the few stairs to her garage. “It makes it so easy for me to go down the five steps to my garage or to get back into the house with bags of groceries.”

Brooks said she’s grateful for the support she receives from ChooseHome and the advocate – personal services coordinator – who works with her. 

“But I also have my children who I talk to often because two of them live right here in Williamsburg,” Brooks said. “They would do anything for me, but I try not to ask them. So it’s nice to have ChooseHome