The Riverside Center for Excellence in Aging and Lifelong Health, in partnership with LeadingAge and LeadingAge Virginia, is proud to offer a training tool consisting of 52 microlearning lessons on practical, person-centered strategies to care for people living with dementia. Each lesson is 10 minutes or less and learners can apply new knowledge and skills quickly. It is for all team members working in nursing homes, assisted living communities and home care, especially those working closest with people living with dementia.

Video lessons include:

Meeting People Where They Are
What person-centered dementia care is and understanding the perspective of a person with dementia.

Living with Dementia
What dementia is, types of dementia, and the cognitive challenges it presents.

Listening and Speaking
Communicating with people with dementia and learning effective communication strategies to support them.

Actions and Reactions
Seeing “behaviors” as actions and reactions, understanding the reasons behind them, and brainstorming ways to respond.

Person-centered approaches to bathing, personal care, and other daily interactions with people with dementia, using specific scenarios and examples.

You Make a Difference
Care partners making a difference in the lives of people with dementia by building confidence in their caregiving abilities.

Options to Access

There are two ways to access the 52 microlearning lessons on person-centered dementia care.

Option 1
Free for members and nonmembers, go to the Leading Age Learning Hub,

Option 2
For providers only. Free hosting on your organization’s own learning management system. For more information on this option, please call 757-220-4751 or email:


This project is supported, in part, by the Commonwealth of Virginia: Geriatric Training and Education Fund, Award 14-4.