Health Services Research Projects

Bridges to Behavioral Health: An Evaluation of Rural Access to Geriatric Psychiatry through Telehealth
The Riverside Center for Excellence in Aging is coordinating evaluation, education and communication services for Bay Rivers Telehealth Alliance as partners in their grant to provide behavioral telehealth services throughout a rural network of healthcare sites in Southeastern Virginia. This 4 year grant supports the addition of new behavioral telehealth services at rural long-term care facilities, behavioral health clinics, and hospitals. It is anticipated that Behavioral Telehealth services will impact quality by slowing rates of decline in overall health, increasing access to behavioral healthcare, general and specialized, and decreasing the cost of care.

Mental Health and Aging Training Initiative – Part III
The Geriatric Mental Health Partnership (GMHP) is an informal, voluntary group which focuses on geriatric mental/ behavioral health care in the Commonwealth. Participants of the GMHP include representatives from mental/ behavioral health, aging services, and long term care representing the private, public and academic sectors.

Williamsburg Community Action Plan on Aging: 2010-2020
CEALH prepared a Community Action Plan On Aging (herein referred to as CAPOA) for the Senior Services Coalition. This Plan delineates goals, strategies, and action steps that can be implemented by the SSC, the three jurisdictions, and the community over the next ten years to assure the Greater Williamsburg Area is a “more livable community for seniors.” Plans in a variety of communities, including Charlottesville, Arlington, and Fairfax, Virginia and Boston, Massachusetts have been evaluated.

Completed Projects: