Riverside is committed to improving the lives of those for whom we care by supporting and sponsoring innovative research. The Riverside Center for Excellence in Aging and Lifelong Health  integrates interdisciplinary research to benefit older adults and caregivers with clinical capabilities to develop innovative , sustainable programming.

The research conducted at Riverside CEALH allows us to improve care and better meet the needs of a growing adult population. Since its inception, Riverside CEALH has conducted more than 30 clinical trials, designed to explore and evaluate new treatments and medications that may benefit older adults.

Taking part in a clinical trial can have many benefits. For example, you may gain access to new treatments before they're widely available. If a new treatment is proven to work and you're in the group getting it, you might be among the first to benefit.

In late-phase clinical trials, possible benefits or risks of a treatment can be identified earlier than they would be in general medical practice. This is because late-phase trials have large groups of similar patients taking the same treatment the same way.

Even if you don't directly benefit from the results of the clinical trial you take part in, the information gathered can help others and add to scientific knowledge. People who take part in our clinical trials are vital to the process of improving care for older adults.