Riverside/CEALH Attend Virginia Geriatrics Society Conference

RICHMOND Va. April 28, 2018 - Great insight from panelists on a memory care case study during the Virginia Geriatrics Society Conference with over fifty physicians in attendance.

Among the four panelists were Denise Butler, dementia care specialist and counselor at Riverside Center of Excellence in Aging and Lifelong Health. The panelists took an “interdisciplinary team” approach and covered the psychological, pharmacological, physical, medical, emotional and social aspects of a composite case.

CEALH at VGS 2018 - Denise Butler

Panelists are, from left to right:
Patricia Slattum, PharmD, PhD - Andrew Heck, PhD - Denise Butler, MS - Hamid Okhravi, MD - Kathleen Fletcher, PhD P (partial view) (Panel Moderator) and Peter Boling, MD.

Published: May 2018